1. teaching focus
    The groups are now taking enrollment, but not limited to the Department of Law Department of Law graduates and non- graduates , but for illegal Department of Law graduate students in addition to professional courses, other courses need to add amendments to strengthen the foundation of law jurisprudence literacy. Furthermore , in addition to focusing on professional training, to enhance the ability of students to read and to assist countries in the literature intended to Germany, Japan and postgraduate students , with particular emphasis on foreign language training , so this has advanced as Japanese, German law Readings , training graduate students of foreign language skills .
  2. Research focus
    Maritime law , fisheries, shipping policy , maritime and aviation transport law , Marine Environmental Protection Law , marine resources ( fisheries, marine mining and energy ) Law , Maritime Law, maritime policy and marine regulations related cross-strait issues .
  3. Development priorities
    1. with the national organization change initiatives set up a " Ministry of Marine Affairs ," Law of the Sea and book collecting system information policies , full of books and materials to build the center .
    2. recruit teachers Maritime public law , private law , the law of the sea to reinforce research .
    3. actively with domestic and international law of the sea and policy research units and associated research and information exchange .
    4. the establishment of the Law and Policy Information website to facilitate research and inquiry .
    5. to strengthen the integration of the international law and domestic law of the sea , maritime transport , maritime criminal law studies .Research issues related to the two sides of the Straits Marine (vi ) strengthened.
    6. to promote the sustainable development of marine policy and law , the Choushe "Taiwan Law of the Sea Institute ."
    7. Continuing handle "Taiwan Sea Journal ," to strengthen academic exchanges.
    8. strengthening the domestic law of the sea and faculty exchange policy , the more substantial the Faculty .